Coinrevshare introduction

Coinrevshare is a pure advertising platform also offering limited earning opportunities to members through incentive revenue sharing process. However, It is not a Investment, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler Currency Exchange Or securities site. Our main service is help our customer to get target traffic and help them to get more sales,referrals in order to increase our customer daily income.also we offer you an opportunities to get stable and long-term revenue sharing plan without risk.

External Income Source?

Yes. We have. We are not relying fully in our advertisement sales. We are participating in wide range of activities to generate a long term revenue process. Currently we are doing:

  • 1. Forex Trading, Forex PAMM accounts.
  • 2. Crypto Currency Trading in Poloniex , Bittrex
  • 3. Bitcoin Mining
  • Purchase Adpacks Get Free Ads Credits

    Coinrevshare will share our profit of advertise sales into the pool that every adpack will receive revenue share will receive Directory Ads credits, banners ads,Text ads and sharing position after you make the purchase.

    Revenue Share Plan

    You will receive adpack earning when you click 5 ads daily after 24 hours.each share will generate up to 135% profit and reach maximum is not guaranteed or fixed to any time frame.

    Basic Matures at 120%
    ฿ 0.003 BTC /pack
    • Profit 120%
    • Up to 3.5% daily
    • 100 Directory Listing
    • 1000 Banner Credits
    • No Requirements
    • Maximum AdPacks: 200
    • No Repurchase Rule
    • 10% Ref Commission
    Premium Matures at 125%
    ฿ 0.01 BTC /pack
    • Profit 122%
    • Up to 4.5% daily
    • 500 Directory Listing
    • 5000 Banner Credits
    • Premium membership required
    • Maximum AdPacks: 500
    • No Repurchase Rule
    • 11% Ref Commission
    Investor Matures at 130%
    ฿ 0.02 BTC /pack
    • Profit 125%
    • Up to 5% daily
    • 1000 Directory Listing
    • 10000 Banner Credits
    • Investor membership required
    • Maximum AdPacks: 1000
    • No Repurchase Rule
    • 12% Ref Commission

    Advertisng plan

    5 type of advertising to help our customer to generate more leads,referrals or sales.

    Directory Ads Service

    Cash link Ads Service

    Fixed Banner Service

    Fixed Text Ads Service

    Login Ads Service

    Monthly Referral Contest

    The Top 10 Winners who get most referrals in 1 month will win the total ฿0.10 BTC bonus.

    1.฿0.10 BTC,
    2.฿0.08 BTC,
    3.฿0.06 BTC,
    4.฿0.03 BTC,
    5.฿0.02 BTc,
    6.฿0.01 BTC,
    7.฿0.005 BTC,
    8.฿0.005 BTC,
    9.฿0.0025 BTC,
    10.฿0.0025 BTC,

    Cash links

    You will able to earn 100% of referrals commision also you can get unlimited referrals.

    How to get more Referrals?

    You can refer your friends,family or socail media can also advertise on other revenue share site or pay to click site.

    10% referral Commission for all members

    You have an opportunity to build your referral team to earn 10% referral commission from every purchase.

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